Monday, February 05, 2007

Sharing ideas online

Online forums are virtual communities where people get to share ideas or just chat with people with similar interests. I have been active on several forums for a few years now and have made a lot friends I have never met physically.

Different forums have different rules and most require you to register as a member in order to view or post any entry. These are called threads. People can post replies to existing threads or start new threads.

One of my friends told me that online forums are a waste of time. I totally disagree with that. You can receive a lot of help from them. They are also really good networking tools.

Joining a forum depends on your particular area of interest. For example if you are a antique car enthusiast and looking for information on a particular make or even looking for parts, there might be some people on the forum which might point you in the right direction. People who are really into poker can discuss strategies, tournaments, etc. with like minded people in the Poker Forum on the site.


Mohd Ramzan said...

i agree with you. Online social skill is also important as offline social skill. I had known many great and hardworking person via forums and blogs. They motivated me.

hapisol said...

right adam.
i'm newbie, there're lot of idea i get from online, which is free.
everyday, i feel sad if i didn't visit forum and IM blog as like u.

dorischua said...

I'm a believer of forums. But it's impt to find one that you can fit in well and enjoy the topics discussed. Hey... links updated.

Full Tilt said...

I found your post looking for poker forums (with full tilt codes!) and I just wanted to firstly thank you for the poker forum link that I have not yet been to, and secondly to agree that there is a whole culture in forums that involve a communication skill that is unique and will eventually be a very integral part of the online experience ... okay back to my search for full tilt codes - LOL


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