Friday, February 16, 2007

Remote access your PC

Have you ever faced a situation where you were away from your home or office and suddenly needed the information stored in your PC?

I have faced this situation several times and you can't even ask a friend to send the information over to you because it was already after office hours.

There are a few solutions out there but the best seems to be RemotePC Remote Access, which allows you to access your Internet enabled home or office computer from anywhere, securely and easily. This can be in less than 5 seconds because it doesn't involve lengthy applet downloads.

Access is accomplished by the interaction of two software, namely, RemotePC Host (installed on the computer which you want to access remotely) and RemotePC Viewer (installed on the computer in front of you).

Plans start at $4.95/Month. However, in case you want to try it out first before you buy, you can download the software for a 30 day free trial. The advanced features include desktop sharing with up to 10 users, remote printing, file and folder transfers.


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