Saturday, February 24, 2007

Opt in email marketing

Almost everybody I know, hate unsolicited email. Better known as spam, these e-mails can really spoil your mood, when you find that you have hit your e-mail storage limit because of these junk mail.

I don't hate all unsolicited e-mails. I love to hear from other bloggers, sponsors and of course my fans. However, the opposite is true when I get those e-mails trying to sell you something, especially those offering dubious products and services, claiming that they can make a particular organ larger and so on.

If you are a company selling a great product and want to promote it - I implore you, please do not spam potential customers. You may end up alienating the very customers who might have bought the product or service, otherwise.

On the other hand, it is a very good idea if you allow people to opt in - that is, allow interested customers to subscribe to your newsletter. In other words, you are not spamming people. They want you to send them e-mails about your products or services. This is what "opt in" email marketing is all about - what it should be.

However, selecting a software to help you do this can be such a headache and there are several solutions out there.

What do I look for in such a software?

- First of all it must be cost-effective.
- There should be no limit to the newsletters that you can have in your account.
- You can publish also your newsletter as often as you like.
- Past issues of your newsletter are stored in a archive.
- All emails are individually addressed and sent to each subscriber.

I would recommend MyNewsletter Builder is the perfect email marketing tool because it fulfills all the criteria. It enables you to build and manage email lists, create beautiful newsletters, and send interactive newsletters via email.

Visitors to your web page subscribe to your newsletter by filling up a few details on sign up form. For those who prefer RSS feeds instead of emails, MyNewsletter Builder has that option too.

In case you want to give it a test run, you are in luck because they are offering 60 days free trial.


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