Friday, February 23, 2007

Getting the gardening itch

It's warmer now-a-days and you can feel that Spring is on the way. Seeing the barren backyard really spoils my mood every morning and I am thinking of doing something about it.

To tell the truth, it's 100 times better now as compared to when we got here. There were thorny brambles everywhere with all short of junk underneath it. To say that the backyard had been neglected would be an understatement. It was like a junk yard. We were so turned off by the sight of a jungle in the backyard that we were thinking of moving out after a few days. However, our landlord cleared up most of the mess along with his father.

You would be surprised to learn what turned up under the vegetation. Several empty bottles of beer, furniture, dustbins, carpets, bricks, tiles, toys and loads of other junk, even a traffic cone. My landlord had to make several trips to the tip and even after that I loads of junk turned up which I got rid along with our household rubbish.

I was able to salvage a composting bin which was in good condition.

We burnt off the dried brambles and grasses on Guy Fawkes day.

Anyway see the transformation of the backyard:

When we first arrived

Nov, 2006

Jan, 2007

Today I planted some roses.

Tesco is having this gardening promotion and today I bought a 6 pieces gardening set for £5. My first project would be to prepare a herbal garden. I prefer to grow something I can eat.


Dad of Four said...

We used to plant lavender in the backyard of our rented house and my landlady whom has become our friend told us last year that it "grew like mad" (verbatim)! We just love the smell of lavender! You can brew it for soothing lavender tea!

Adam said...

Now that you mention it, I might plant some lavender in our garden too.


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