Thursday, February 01, 2007

Get rid of that offending tie

I support the Belisi Take off that Tie Campaign.

Several years ago, there was this popular fashion fad - to wear ties with cartoon characters on them. I am glad I didn't get into that. Have still seen some people wearing Micky Mouse and Donald Duck ties to office. They think it's funny and that they are trying to put some fun into office attire. Well, as I have always said, "it's a matter of taste" but definitely not good taste, in my humble opinion.

Other ties which I find offending don't have cartoon characters on them but they are of dreadful garish colours that make you almost blind when you look at them.

If you want to see what a really nice tie should look like, then check out the range of Belisi ties.


DotMySpot said...

:D thanks for your comments.. added u in the list.. good luck.. say r u from malaysia or uk? @@"? and how different r u btw @@"???

Adam said...

Thanks. No I am not from the UK even though I reside here, I plan to pursue my PhD studies here.


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