Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gene detectives on BBC

Gene Detectives is a new series on BBC 1 (Channel 101 on Sky) at 9:15 am. In the show, genealogy expert, Anthony Adolph helps people track down long lost relatives.

We are shown three possible candidates, one of which is the missing relative. I am pretty sure the producers of the show knew who the real relative is but they keep the secret hidden till the last moment. Of course they can tell us straight away who the real relative is but then it won't be that interesting and they won't have a show either.

It's quite emotional and nice to see fathers reunited with daughters and sisters with their long lost brothers.

Anyway, I was recently contacted by someone who had the same family name as mine. The guy has traced back his branch of the family back to 1760. He had traced back the family name back to a little place called Brandon in Suffolk, England, where they had lived from 1800 onwards until about 1965.

It's really surprising because that means that we have two families with the same surname on almost opposite sides of the planet - one is obviously British and another Asian (my family).


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