Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Flowers for my love

Today is Valentine's day and I hope you have not forgotten to buy something for your loved ones.

Not wanting to take a chance, yesterday evening around 8pm, I excused myself from the house and quickly drove to the nearby Tesco.

They had a lot of flowers but none that I really liked - and most were overpriced. My wife loves Stargazer lilies but there were none there. In the end I bought a bouquet of half dozen roses and another bouquet of mixed flowers. I thought of hiding it till tomday but there was no way I could, so I just passed them to my wife. Rahil looked at me with expectant eyes asked me "where's mine Baba?" She was so happy when I passed her the bunch of roses.


For those not married or away from your loved ones, you could always send roses. No matter what people say, roses remain the best symbol of love.


dorischua said...

Adam... Happy Lunar New Year (in advance) as I may not have internet access. Have a great time of celebration in London!

Adam said...

Thanks Doris. Happy Lunar New Year to you too.


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