Thursday, February 08, 2007

Firefox Snowman

We had snowfall again today with more predicted. Said to be heaviest in recent years.

We had fun making the Firefox snowman.
Notice the cap. Look closely at the symbol.
My daughter pointed out that the snowman doesn't have ears and a mouth. So she added them. And she also named the snowman "Pak Su Qasim", he hee..

Why Firefox?

Yeah! Malaysia Boleh.

"What are you making Rahil?" That looks like a ladle from the kitchen.

rahil n mum03
Cute pic of mum and daughter.



Zaza said...

i love this post of yours adam! making sandcastle out of snow? awww.. bless rahil!! and could you please tell her that her pak su qasim snowman is the coolest of ALL the snowman i've seen! ez is looking gooood! (you guys put imaan to bed ke?)

lucia said...

wah!! looks like you and family having lotsa fun.

hey this is the first time i seen the picture of your wife.

Dad of Four said...

Adam, this posting has brought me back to some two decades ago....playing snow for the first time at 2 a.m. with other fellow Malaysians

Adam said...

Zaza: yeah.. Was Pak Su Qasim snowman yesterday.. and today it become Tok Mak snowwoman.. prob tomorrow when the snowman melts and get smaller, we are looking forward to Imaan snowbaby. LOL

Lucia: Yeah.. isn't she gorgeous!

Dad of four: That must have been great fun you had.

ainee said...

aww~plymouth haven't had its snow yet. quite bad the snowfall this year as it has delayed flights, trains and tubes. whew.


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