Saturday, February 17, 2007

Creative crafter

Ita is one talented and creative lady. Have known her for some years now. She was my wife's school mate and is one of her best friends since then.

I worked with her for about 2 months before I quit the job after falling out with the lady boss.

She has been blogging since March 2005 in her blog: Lil' Honey collection. She mostly blogs about needlecraft and other crafting stuff. This has been her hobby but now she shares it with like minded people as well as admirers (including my wife) all around the World.

View all the amazing art she has created. You can see that she really has the patience and passion for it. One amazing thing about her is that she is ambidextrous. It means that when she writes, she uses her right hand but uses her left hand when needle crafting. Learned this from a very reliable source - my wife.

Just received a parcel containing these two beautiful gifts by post from Malaysia. Thanks Ita. We love it (Any more?).



lucia said...

hey when i was young i was interested in stitching and needlecraft too. i had done a lot of different kinds of needlework in school and also when i was out of school. my interest started to wane away when i have the computer! haha! got interested in chat first, and now blogging!

my mum though is very good at handwork and i have once blog about all her handwork with some pictures. like this CNY, she did two baskets made of angpow and some lanterns made of angpow too. i just might put up the picture soon.

i like ita's blog. i had bookmark it and will visit it once in a while.

Zaza said...

she is indeed a talented lady! i couldnt agree with you more. she's a warm person but the sad thing is, i havent even met her! she did a beautiful crosstich for our wedding present! we loved it! one will need loads of patience doing all these needlecraft, which i dont have. and she comes up with such beautiful things, i personally like her pin cushions!!

Adam said...

Lucia: Ita has a lot of passion for her craft and best of all, she enjoys it.

Zaza: I lost count of all the beautiful stuff she has given us over the years.


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