Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Creating awareness about sexual harassment

One of my lady friends was once telling me some stories about her old job. It seems that the guys there were very careless with their speech and used to tease the younger girls and even crack dirty jokes when the ladies were around. It was shocking when she told me that she didn't like it but she just smiled and got on with her work. Eventually she left the job to further her studies, eventually becoming a lecturer.

When I told her that the actions of her colleagues may constitute sexual harassment, she was quite surprised. She didn't realise that there is such a thing as a verbal harassment.

According to her, she was quite resigned. According to her, there was nothing she could have done. If any of you ladies are facing such a situation, I suggest you to see Sexual Harassment Lawyers who are specialised in such cases.

I guess, many victims prefer to remain silent because they are fear the bad consequences that might happen. I think it is wrong to tolerate such behaviour in the work place and leaving the job means that you are giving in.

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