Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Crazy mullah

I was watching ITV news a few minutes ago when they showed an interview with Abu Izzadeen, one of Britain's leading Muslim extremist. It was really chilling. First time I heard about him was on CNN's "The War Within" one hour documentary about extremism in the UK by Christiane Amanpour.

It was really chilling when he said that Muslim soldiers in the British army should be beheaded because according to him they were apostates. Previously he had described the 7/7 bombers as "completely praiseworthy".

According to the ITV website, a video of him preaching a message of hate was found on an underground website.

The funny thing is that he living here in the UK, criticising "unbelievers" and freely spreading messages of hate. He would have been quickly put inside bars under the ISA he had done that in Malaysia.

Read more about the guy on Wikipedia.

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Ezlika said...

It seems like the media loves to highlight these extremist while ignoring totally the majority of peace loving Muslims including the outspoken ones.

Can't help to feel that there is some sort of hidden agenda by these medias! *sigh*


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