Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Conservative alternative to Wikipedia

My post " James Cameroon challenges Christianity" generated quite a bit of interest and is one of the most commented in recent times. I had to even censor (delete) some of the more controversial comments.

Anyway, this article titled "What Would Jesus Wiki?" on caught my eye. It is about Conservapedia, a wiki-based encyclopedia similar to Wikipedia. But there is where the similarity ends.

According to Conservapedia's project leader, Andy Schlafly:
"The site is intended as a resource for the general audience, but without the defects of Wikipedia"

The "defects" according to them is that several articles on Wikipedia are "anti-Christian and anti-American."

I have been trying to enter the site without any success for the past hour or so. I wanted to see for myself why it has become the target of ridicule on the web.



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