Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Best RockStartup episode

I am a regular visitor to RockStartup.com, hoping to to catch the latest update. In case you haven't heard, this online reality show provides glimpses of how a Web 2 company (Payperpost) works - life in the office, events, interacting with customers and of course the people who work there.

So far there has been 11 episodes but my favourite has to be the 10th. Of course, everyday life in the office clips are interesting too but what I really want to see are the staff working under pressure in a crisis.

in this video, we see the programmers working under pressure trying to deliver updates to PayPerPost.com in time for Ted's board meeting. Ted (the CEO) is clearly not happy when Peter (Director of coding stuff) tells him that the site is down.

In the end everything goes well. I was surprised to learn that Ted doesn't have a room of his own and it seems like he is in one of the cubicles along with the rest of the guys in the company. I really respect that.

I would love to have one of those Big A** monitors like they have in the clip.


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