Thursday, January 18, 2007

You can be a diva too

The term "Diva" can conjure up different images in the minds of different people. On one side, it can be that of the singing Divas, for example, Leona of X Factor fame. On the other side of the scale are images of tantrum throwing drama queens and I won't give any examples here because I am sure you have read about them in gossip magazines or seen them on the TV.

The Diva's Dreams by Belisi is a blog for independent and talented women who take pride in having the best of everything. Their definition of a Diva is that of a smart and savvy lady.

This blog is not only about fashion but also covers a range of topics including interior design, food and wine, and entertaining.

The latest post "Bling bling gone bye bye?" discusses the latest trends in shoes. This would definitely interest my wife who is looking for some nice footwear. Right now, she's going every where in her leather sneakers as it's too cold to wear most of the shoes she brought along from Malaysia.

BTW, in case you were wondering Belisi is a fast growing global fashion brand. Regular visitors might recall that I wrote a post on their Blog for Men's fashion yesterday.

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