Wednesday, January 10, 2007

UK phone comparision site

One of the first things we did when we first arrived here in the UK was get a pay-as-you-go line. We already had mobile phones and all we had to do was buy the SIM card. It was necessary to buy a phone because we didn't have phone line nor did we have an internet connection. It was our only means of communication with other people.

Unfortunately we were not aware about the different call rates and sad to say, we later found out that the network (not named here) we selected, was one of the costliest. At that time we were using like £30 in a month. That roughly translates to around a pound a day.

We only found out later that there were several cheaper alternatives and that we could even get a brand new handphone with a line by paying as low as £15 per month.

Just found this site which allows us to Compare Mobile Phones in the UK. It compares over 20,000 deals from all leading UK mobile phone retailers ever day. So if you are living in the UK, I would recommend you to go over to to find the cheapest deals on all the latest mobiles and buy online.

Never knew that mobile service providers were giving away free gifts including the Nitendo Wii when you buy a contract phone. Check out the deals here.

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lillian said...

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Alexis Edwin said...

hi nice site i found another comparison site for latest mobile phones


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