Friday, January 26, 2007

Singer Songwriter contest

I am sure all of your are familiar with various singing contests where contestants are judged by their ability to sing and perform. However, The Singer/Songwriter Awards is a contest with a difference. It is a song contest for performing songwriters. Yes! That means that contestants not only perform, but they also write their own songs as well.

The latest We Are Listening song contest winners for 2006 (Round 2) are Michael Logen with his song "Amazing", Debra Arlyn with "FIne" and KIFF with "How It Feels".

You can listen to the songs for FREE. I was a bit skeptical but surprisingly, they were great. I especially liked Michael's song. So go over there and vote for your favourite.

If you are an aspiring singer who also writes your own songs, you can also join in. The entry fee is only £15 or the foreign currency equivalent. You are welcome to join even if you live outside the UK. However, all songs must be in English.

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