Thursday, January 25, 2007

Seashells site

Do you what sand dollars are?
Well it does not refer to a new currency but instead they are a group of marine animals that live on top of or just beneath the surface of sandy or muddy areas. People call them sand dollars because of their round flat shape that looks like a large coin. The first time I read about this animal was in a site specialising in selling Sand dollars, seashells and starfish for crafts and weddings. Just check out this popular "Sand Dollar & Dolphin Earrings".

You can also read about the legend of the Sand Dollar on this site.

The site also carries a wide variety of starfish for decorating, collecting, wedding, and craft needs. Also sold on the site are shark jaws, shark teeth and seashell jewelry. Depends on taste but definitely one of a kind.

They do ship overseas but only to 4 other countries at present, namely, the UK, Puerto Rico, Australia and US Virgin Islands.


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