Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Search engine rankings

Some of you might recall that I had recently joined a challenge, which I call the Melayu Boleh Project. It was really amazing because just two days after I wrote the post, it went up to the fourth ranking in Google search results for the phrase "melayu boleh".

Unfortunately, just a day after that, I found that my blog post was nowhere to be found in the search engine results. I am happy that it is #21 on Yahoo!

I learnt a few things from this SEO exercise. You may get up there quick using some tricks (legal) but it does not guarantee that you can stay up there for long, especially if it is a blog post.

Surprised to learn that searching for "Melayu boleh" and "melayu boleh" give different results.

Anyway, I am contented with the fact that my post is #2 when you search for the phrase on Google for blogs.

UPDATED: As of 18 Jan 2007, my blog post is #2 on Google and #19 on Yahoo!



ApOgEE said...

Guess what bro! you got the #2 ranking today in google.com.my

Now, you have to be my SEO Sifu.. please... :)

(I'm following the Melayu Boleh keyword SEO contest but I'm not joining it coz I'm still new... heheh! still waiting for the winner)

Adam said...

I can tell you but I would have to charge you for that. :-)


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