Monday, January 15, 2007

Property market boom in Bulgaria

One of the newest countries to join the EU is former communist country Bulgaria. It joined on January 1st this year.

This country location is very strategic - at the crossroad between Asia and Europe. It borders Romania to the north, Greece and Turkey to the south, Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia to the west. The Black Sea lies on it's east.

The entry into the EU has resulted in the bulgarian property market becoming a very attractive place to invest in.

A report marks Bulgaria "as among the top three European destinations for the overseas property investor in 2007"

This picture is copyrighted: Nikola Gruev

Bulgaria has a lot to offer. From the snowy ski resorts in Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets, all close to the capital Sofia (fast becoming the new European skiing hot spot) to the beautiful sunny beaches along the Black Sea.

Check out for more news on the Bulgarian property market.

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Kate said...

Hey Adam. Its Kate. Thanks for dropping by my blog
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Luke Fitzy said...


I work in the overseas investment property market which of course includes Bulgaria.

Now a lot of people are saying that Bulgaria has had its day and that may be true for developments with not many unique selling points to offer like great locations, good finance and payment options, guaranteed rental, good value for money prices. And yes, a lot of developers jumped on the bandwagon and therefore some not very good quality property developments were built. The demand from property buyers looking to purchase in Bulgaria has also slowed down as in our experience a lot of people are looking at new emerging markets.

That said The Bulgaria property market in my opinion still has some legs if you choose wisely. It is the capital city Sofia that offers good buy to let opportunities because of the strong local domestic market and the ski resorts like Bansko and more notable Borovets (because of the super Borovets project - millions of dollars in investment to improve the ski runs and facilities as well as tourist developments).

We have some great investment properties in Bulgaria and in a lot of the other new exciting emerging markets around the world including property in Calabria, Brazil Investment property, Egypt property and Cape Verde properties to name a few.......

You can learn a lot more about Bulgaria and the other emerging markets on our website and also access country guides and reports for further reading.


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