Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Peter Belisi story

Some of my friends who are also regular visitors to my blog, joked that my blog was turning into a fashion blog. The reason - two posts on Belisi fashions. Belisi is a relatively new name in the world of fashion but it is fast emerging as a fashion brand, and I think bloggers played a little part in that.

In case you are curious about this brand, read Belisi - How it Started in Peter Belisi's blog. He blogs about fashion, celebrities and other stuff.

It is amazing and really motivating to read how a bartender in Palm Beach, struggling to support a wife and newborn baby, started a business to become the global brand that it is today.

Peter started out by investing some extra money in a tie collection. And that was just the start. You can see that he has not forgotten his roots and on the Belisi website, they have an amazing collection of great looking ties. For your information , the website is having a promotion on ties now. About accessories, he has this to say :
I believe accessories are the start, not the finish of the design-inspired look—with the right accessories, even average garments are transformed into winning style

That's something I always believed in.

It was also quite heartening to read that they give a portion of every purchase to a charity of the customer's choice.


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