Thursday, January 11, 2007

Myspace stalker

I was listening in to the conversation of some of my younger relatives and it seems like almost everyone of them has a MySpace account. If you haven't heard about it, it only means you are: 1. Not Internet savvy, 2. Too old, 3. Too dumb or 4. All of the above.

MySpace is a social networking website and is currently the world's fourth most popular English-language website. According to a source, about 230,000 new people are registering every day on MySpace.

My own MySpace page is here.

Anyway, while browsing Myspace, you may sometimes feel the need to follow a conversation between two people using the comment feature. For example, they are "talking" about someone you know (or about you) and you wanted to what they were saying. Or maybe you were feeling bored and just wanted to kill the time by reading the comments.

The only way to find out would be to go back and forth between the two myspace profiles and reading the comments in the correct order. Yeah! I know. It's a pain.

There is a solution. Become a Myspace Stalker. All you have to do is go over to, put the names of the two people having the conversation in spaces provided (For example, my name is ahoklah). You then press the "Show me the Conversation!" button and ta da, you have it.

However, it doesn't work if one of the guys has set his/her profile to private.

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Go try it out.



Zaza said...

i have a myspace account but hardly log on to it. i think there's a lot of fake people, putting fake photos, adding those who they dont even know.. and i think they are more for youngsters (i am too old for all these). but its nice to see people are getting more and more creative. but i do love friendster. it is somewhat more 'real' to me. first joined in 2003!! and i've got friendster to thank for so many things! ;) thus why i'm not moving my blog to blogger (i might, hmm.. dunno yet lah). my friendster's friends consists of 50% cousins and growing i tell you. and no need to be on myspace, i already have a stalker! hahaha... gosh.. the things people come up with, things people do these days... *sigh*

Adam said...

Yeah I noticed that.
You are right. I notice a trend here. A lot of our younger relatives are in MySpace but all my close friends are in Friendster. I am among the crazy ones that have accounts in both.


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