Friday, January 12, 2007

Lousy pizza service

Last evening both my wife and I were feeling too lazy to cook and decided to order pizza. So I ordered Meal Deal 3 from our favourite (not any more) pizza place - Caspian Pizza at 112 Fargosford Street, Coventry.

My wife likes their Doner Kebab and I, their vegetarian hot pizza.

The delivery guy arrived after about half an hour and my wife paid the money £9.90. The deal comprises of 1 Doner kebab, 1 regular pizza, 1 garlic pizza bread with cheese, 1 large fries and a 1.5L bottle of Coke. However, in this case, the bottle of Coke was missing. The delivery guy feigned ignorance and went off after taking the money.

Called up the shop and they informed me that they would have the bottle to us ASAP...

We are still waiting.

My wife complained that the pita bread that comes with the kebab was like plastics. No quality control at all.

They have lost a good customer. Never going to order anything from Caspian pizza any more.


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