Thursday, January 04, 2007

Finding love online

Have heard a lot of people saying that you can't find love online. I know for a fact that this is not true. You can indeed find your soul mate on the net.

Four of my closest friends found their partner online and got married to them.

Anyway, even if you are not looking for a life partner, found this great site for Online Dating.

What makes this site different from other dating sites?

Well is totally free. Yes that's right. you don't have to pay anything to register but still offer you great features as on any paid site.

Signing up is so easy and fast. You provide your email address, date of birth, inform whether you are looking for a man or woman, your country, your postal code and you are done. You can search by age or by distance. Unfortunately, the locations are limited to cities in the US. So if you are a guy in the UK or Malaysia, looking for someone in your area...Sorry!

However, if you are looking for someone in the US, you are in luck.

This is a sponsored post.



lucia said...

yes i agree. it is not true that you can't find true love online. i also know of a few people who had found their partner via internet.

there are lots of free online dating sites around, and to tell the truth i had signed up for a few many years back. well, until now still no luck of meeting my partner. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, what do you mean "this is a sponsored post"? Anyway, any free sites in Malaysia area? ;) I wanna start dating this year, whether it is online or offline :) hehe..

Adam said...

Naz: It means that am getting paid for the post.
I heard that is quite good but it's not free.


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