Sunday, December 31, 2006

Best Site for Mobile Content

I am thinking of getting myself a PDA to replace my ancient Palm. While searching for one that will suit my needs (I defenitely want one that has satellite navigation), I came across this great site. Though I didn't find the PDA I was looking for I found a lot of great stuff. MobileSoftMarket is one of the best sites to shop for mobile content. This includes Productivity Tools, EBooks, Desktop Tools, Games, Wallpapers and Videos.

Even though most of the products listed are targeted to BlackBerry users, they also have programs and ebooks for Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile and the PSP as well.

The great news is that readers of my blog will get a discount of 15% OFF on all products at the shop. All you have to do is Just enter the discount code "0NGKAE" at the end of the purchase process. Go and check out the site.



Hardy said...

I'm eyeing the HTC P3300 - a phone, PDA and sat nav that comes with Tom Tom Nav 6 software. Also Eten X500 or M700 is an option. If minus the phone - Qtek/HTC G100, MIO P550 or Asus A636 could be considered. The HTC's portfolio is quite good.

lucia said...

oh too bad. the programs for windows mobile are only 3, i see, and all which i don't need.

adam, is GPS another name for satellite navigation? then maybe you should consider get the same PDA as i - dell axim x51v - which anyway is touted as one of the best high-end PDA. oh this is you consider switching from palm to PPC. many palm users seems to be loyal palm users and will only switch back to palm PDA. :)

lucia said...

oh sorry forgot to add my new year wish...

happy new year, adam. may the new year brings all the best for you and family.

Anonymous said...

Hi how bout the new Nokia somthing 95, heard it has everything u r looking 4 plus 5 MP camera omg !

Happy New Year and Cheers !

Adam said...

Hardy, Team BSG: A phone PDA combo is something I want too. Wouldn't want to lug around a PDa and a Phone around all the time.

Lucia: I don't mind any OS as long as it suit my requirements.


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