Monday, January 22, 2007

Amazing marketing speaker

Found it hard to believe it when I first read about this marketing speaker, who convinced Halfway, Oregon to rename itself to, Oregon and resulted in the number of registered users jumping from zero to 8 million in less than three years.

But it's true. The guy responsible for this was Mark Hughes's, then VP of Marketing for eBay's

Mr. Hughes holds an MBA from the Columbia Business School in Marketing & International Business. He is a contributing columnist for the magazine of international advertising, Admap. His is also author of the acclaimed business book, "Buzzmarketing", which has been named as one of "The Ten Best Business Reads of 2005" and one of "the Best Business Books of the Year".

So if you or your company is looking for a marketing speaker, Hughes is the guy.

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Rozhan said...

Adam, you punya site ni sapa punya design. sendiri ?

Adam said...

Actually it is modified from a WP template I found on the net - can't remember the site.


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