Tuesday, December 05, 2006

West Orchards Coventry

The most happening place in Coventry has to the West Orchards Shopping Centre. It is just 8 minutes drive from my place. Very popular with the residents here. The centre has a number of stores including Marks & Spencer and Debenhams.

If you don't like branded stuff, just walk out of the place and get to Wilkinsons or to the 99p shop, just a stone throw away. A lot of CHEAP yet good quality stuff there.

If you feel like having a bite, they have a food court with 8 food outlets including junk food specialists, McDonalds and KFC. If you want a proper restaurant, then you have go somewhere else.

By 6pm the place is dead. Most of the shops close by then, except for Debenhams, which close about 1- 2 hours later.

A notice on the lifts say that it is only for people on wheel chairs and parents with push chairs but noticed a number of able bodied people getting in.

My conclusion: Nothing to shout about. Good place to hang about and watch people if you have nowhere to go. And if you like branded stuff.

If you have been to the shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur, you have seen it all. The architecture is really interesting though.

West Orchard01

The dome.

West Orchard03

1345 - 2007

West Orchard04

My daughter admiring the x-mas decorations.


Beneath Lady Godiva on her horse. 

Yeah! Those are shopping bags on the right. Just came out of Wilkinsons.


k.d said...

aiseh..sorok le sikit that groceries plastic bags..


lillian said...

''shivering'' that looks COLD !!!! keep warm and drink lots of tea.

Adam said...

k.d.: Hehehe next time.

lillian: It was. However, crrying the shopping bags and walking me me warm a bit.

sweetspirits said...

Breee looks too cold for me ;) but nice pics :)


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