Friday, December 22, 2006

Slimming HP

I am really into digital photography and while surfing the web, I came across the HP digital camera buying guide. I wish I had come here before.

They have such a wide range of cameras to suit different requirements and of course, wallets. I was going through their technologies and innovations page when my wife came into the room. Now, she's not that crazy about cameras or other electronic stuff but I saw a glint in here eyes when she noticed the link - HP slimming effect. After reading it, she straightway said "I want that!"

Anyway, one of the things you do when friends drop by your house is to show them your photographs. Unfortunately all the pics we have are all stored in our computer. So whenever we want to show people our photographs, we would have to start up the computer and do a slide show. And I can tell you, it's not very comfortable when there are more than 3 guys around a computer with heads bumping into each other.

We always plan to print out some of the pics but never got around to it. I shudder to think if the computer would crash somehow and I would lose all the images. A photo printer should sure be useful.

When I read that Ted, (the founder and CEO of, just got a shipment of ten awesome new 6 megapixel digital cameras and photo printers from HP AND he is giving them away, I was jumping around with joy. I might be one of those lucky guys.

Ted, I really want need a Camera and photo printer. That would be the perfect gift this Christmas. BTW, this post was brought to you by HP.


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