Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Executed

Saddam Hussein was hanged to death at around 6am Iraqi time (3am GMT) at a secure facility in northern Baghdad for "crimes against humanity". Read the BBC news here.

It's no surprise that most dictators end this way but somehow, I feel that in this case, justice was not served.

The purported reason for going to war against Saddam and Iraq, the WMD's, were never found and according to this report, the US Government knew from the start. So was there any other reason?

Why wasn't he tried by a special International Tribunal like in the case of Slobodan Milošević.

If Saddam had not got out of hand and invaded Kuwait, he would have probably remained the CIA's "best friend in the middle east" but as we all know, he grew too big for his own good.

I was talking to this Iraqi friend (who's now a British citizen) and according to him, "Iraq was bad under Saddam. Now it is 100 times worse".



sweetspirits said...

I felt justice wasn't done .
There was no weapons of mass destruction :( .

I say the invasion of Iraq killing thousands of innocent people .
Shame :where is the justice for those who were slain , by the soldiers and others.

Sadly there is little justice in this world ,and in the end only God can judge .

Ppl may not understand me , but
that is my thoughts.

Certification said...

i too agree that wasn't justice. invading other countries for the mere purpose of benefits is a shameful act. the people of iraq are still suffering and no one is even thinking and looking after them, where is AMerica NOW?


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