Saturday, December 09, 2006

The queer hobbit

In Chapter 1 of the Hobbit:
Tolkien's description of Bilbo Baggins: something a bit queer in his make-up from the Took side,...

And Gandalf has this to say:
'Gets funny queer fits, but he is one of the best...

Today, people would give me a strange look if I were to say "I am feeling queer".

I blame it on a certain TV series where five guys with a particular lifestyle, gives normal people (or are they) a total make over.

Trying to write politically correct, is tough and that's queer.

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1 comment:

ainee said...

Ahahahah~I like this entry. Well, honestly, I love those guys. I like Carson (the fashion guy-bitchy-but-cute) and Jay (insanely cute when he cries!) as they are the lovely SNAG in there. Of all, Kyan I think is the most handsome one. =P

Aww, Gandalf needs bit of haircut.
Those hobbits need some fashion makeover too.



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