Thursday, November 09, 2006

Malaysian traffickers luring girls to UK

Malaysians are in the UK news but in a negative way. In the Nov 4 edition of the Times, it was reported that a ruthless gang comprising of Malaysian and Vietnamese traffickers who lured hundreds of women to Britain to work as sex slaves in a £2 million-a-year vice racket were jailed. least one woman was tricked into leaving her family after being offered a sightseeing trip with all expenses paid. In Britain she joined other women servicing up to 50 men a week in luxuriously furnished brothels.

Really shameful.

Read the article here.

Girls! Better think twice before accepting that free trip to the UK.



lucia said...

yeah shameful indeed... but then not surprising. malaysians had been found to be involved in all sorts of things!

methink it is not only UK but some other countries too that people (not necessarily malaysians i mean) had been luring unsuspecting gullible girls into prostitution.

sweetspirits said...

Yeah its not good ,when it's not by choice , but happens in so many countries even oz .
So often many asian women r doing that kind of work in oz , to pay their uni fees .
Of course they return home to their own country and no one is n e wiser..

Adam said...

Sweetspirits: Yeah! I have heard rumours of Malaysian students working as escorts to fund their education in the UK and Australia. I guess no one apart from their clients will know.


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