Friday, November 10, 2006

A haircut

"What's so special about having a haircut?" you may ask.

Of late, we have become very careful with the way we spend our money. Of course, we have to be when we are surviving on a meager student scholarship.

Anyway, it's been more than a month since I last cut my hair. Everyone I have been chatting with, using Skype video, has been commenting that "your hair is really long now". I only time I tried keeping my hair long was when I was in school and I am not going to start keeping them long anytime soon.

I had asked around a bit but it seems that everyone I talked to (including my landlord) has someone at home, cut their hair. Evidently, going to a hair saloon is a rare event here. However, I had no choice as my wife doesn't know how to cut my hair. Even if she does, we left our battery operated hair clipper at home in Malaysia.

There are some hair saloons in our locality but they looked quite expensive, so I set off towards Stoney Stanton road where I hoped the barbers would be cheaper. Went into one saloon but it was full and thus it was to another one down the road. It was a no-frills, small outlet with only two chairs. I had my hair cut really short and I was poorer by five pounds (approx. RM 35).

Have to buy a hair cutting kit and then convince my wife to learn how to cut my hair so we can save some.



ainee said...

i think you don't have to cut lah. panjang ok what. most of msian students in here keep their hair long (for male cases). yes, cutting hair in uk is extremely expensive. plus, when it is clod season, your hair tends to grow longer innit? i think its for the purpose of keeping you warm for the cold season.

lillian said...

Oh oh your poor wife. Better save those 5 pounds on something else haha

yazid said...

Another good opportunity to you, open you own 'ADAM THE BARBER' with half of the normal charges there plus the back massages as what our mamak barbers used to do here.

k.d said...

£5 ok le tu bandingkan kat sini dry cut pun sampai €10-€15. So my hubby pun decided to beli that hair cutting kit. I did few haircuts for him but then now he just cut it himself and I just repair part belakang je. But you're right, you can save a lot.

andrew said...

Actually, you can get free haircuts if you ask the salon whether they need hair models or not. For guys, it should be ok and the junior stylists(i think) will be supervised by the senior ones...

I did it before but for 7.50pounds (not too bad considering the fact that original price was 20quid!). That includes a free hair wash by a blonde! LoL!


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