Wednesday, October 18, 2006

In Coventry

A quick update for now.

I am in now in Coventry, UK - the city which is known as the birthplace of the British motor industry. Coventry is also famous for a legend - that of Lady Godiva. According to this story, Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets in order to relieve the suffering of the people of Coventry from her husband's oppressive taxation.

I found it interesting to learn that the term 'Peeping Tom' also originated from this story. It comes from the name of a tailor called Tom, who was the only one in the city who saw the Lady naked.

More updates later.

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lucia said...

ah good to hear you are now in coventry, adam. so at last got time to blog?

yes i heard of the story of lady godiva but i didn't know 'peeping tom' originate from this story!

eijoo said... update at last. Been checking your blog hoping to catch a glimpse of you, my sis and little ones' latest rendevous over there. Hope more will come. Take care then!

Mama22Beas said... update at last. And now I learn something about Coventry.

Selamat Hari Raya to you!

lillian said...

Great to read from u again ! Please write and tell us how its been !!!


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