Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hari raya gatherings and a birthday

The Malaysian community here in Coventry had a Hari Raya gathering yesterday. A lot of nice Malaysian food including Penang Laksa, pulut, etc. Nice to have a taste of Malaysian dishes so far away from home.

Even though the population is not as big as in Birmingham, the community (most of them, post graduate students) here is quite close knit with almost everyone knowing each other. They have even arranged to have a Quran reading class for the kids every saturday here at a commmunity centre.

Anyway, just realised that we have been in UK for a month now. Time seems to fly so fast. Gives me an idea about a series of blog posts - about the difficulties and challenges we faced, handy tips - what every Malaysian planning to come to the UK should know.

We were lucky to have good friends to guide us around but not everyone is that lucky. For example, I heard about a family who couldn't find a suitable place to stay and had to 'tumpang' at someone's place for quite sometime.

Today is the 29th of October and the last Sunday of this month. "So what's so special about this day?" you ask. Well we had to turn back our watches and clocks by an hour as UK changes to winter time. Rahil also turns 3 today.
Went to the car boot sale at Stoneleigh Park again today. Bought a lot of stuff including several books and toys for Rahil. We later bought a small cake for her and some balloons. I had to drive around quite a bit to search for the birthday candles as it was Sunday and most of the shops were closed. Finally found one in an shop in Foleshill road and it was the last packet. We didn't invite anyone but Rahil was really happy.



ainee said...

Happy birthday rahil~may you grow lovely and wise and nice~she's lucky coz her birthday is in raya season. lots of food :P n she's lucky to get the candles too.

omg, I miss carboot so much.
i haven't go to carboot like 3 weeks already. I hope the weather will be OK next week.

Mama22Beas said...

Wow...good to see more updates. A Malaysian lady showed me a good stroller that she bought for 50p at a sale...what a great deal but I had never been to one, what a waste.

Happy belated B'day to Rahil;).

lucia said...

happy birthday to rahil!

good to learn that you managed to eat some malaysian food during the raya gathering. after raya, you'll miss malaysian food a lot, i guess. well... i'm sure your wife can cook up some malaysian dishes.

Zaza said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAHIL!!! sorry for the delay ya. i know she enjoyed herself just by looking at her picture staring at the cake!

5 years in UK, but havent been to even one car boot! how stupid of me! by the way, try learning more about antiques, it helps. and watch 'carbooty' & 'bargain hunt' on bbc1 every weekdays!

Adam said...

Zaza: Yes! SHe's wondering what o eat first ;-)

It's funny that you should mention those particular shows on BBC1. I ve always been interested in antiques since I was a kid and I love those shows.


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