Thursday, October 19, 2006

From KLIA to Coventry

We left KLIA on the 28th at around 2 am in the morning. Lot of wet eyes as we took the elevator down to the departure hall.

We choose Emirates instead of MAS based on friends' recommendations. And we were quite happy with the service -better than MAS, I would say. The online flight entertainment was great with several movies on demand. It was a bit tough with the two kids and all the stuff but we did OK.

Stopped in Dubai for a few hours. Went around the duty free shops but didn't buy anything even though it was quite tempting. We didn't need to remind ourselves that we needed every sen we had (or should I say, penny), when we reached UK.

Finally landed at Birmingham airport. We were the last out of the plane and last in the line. Was a bit pissed off when we found out that a wheel from the new stroller was missing. Filed a complaint. Reminds me, it's been more than a week since they took it away. They were supposed to send us a replacement by then.

We were met at the airport by En. Wahab and another guy (we needed 2 cars for all the luggage we had). We stayed at his place in Coventry until we got our own house. We are really grateful to them. Can't imagine how we would have managed without their help.

Thanks a lot guys.

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ainee said...

selamat hari raya~

maaf zahir batin~

coventry is a nice place.

cadbury world


welcome to UK~


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