Thursday, September 14, 2006

Last Day

Signed out for the last time from work on the 11th of September this month. That was 3 days ago.

It only seems like yesterday when I first arrived in Kedah for the first time and started working with the organisation (which will not be named).

Four years quickly flew by and unlike the past, I really loved my job. But now I have to move on. Hopefully for something better.

It was a wonderful experience and what I will miss most of all are the friends I leave behind. I will miss you guys.



tihtahpah said...

I'm guessing its in Kulim/Gurun- either the semiconductor one or the automotive wan.

J said...

Blessed are those who get jobs that they enjoy.

I do hope your future job will be even more enjoyable.
Best of luck!

Ahmad said...

best wishes for your future job.
Cool blog!
Please take a look at mine and link it up here.

Zaza said...

It is sad to leave something that you love doing behind, i know how it feels :) i did the same thing and i know deep down it was the right decision. it wasnt a choice! take the good memories, and what we have learned (good and bad), and always remember and learn from it. its gonna be worth it adam. will pray it will be more enjoyable, more relaxing, more challenging, so that we can be a better person! :) besides, you guys will be nearer to us!! yeyyy!!

Adam said...

tihtahpah: Good try but no.

J: And I am leaving it. I hope so too.

Ahmed: Thanks. Going over there now.

Zaza: Coming over to see you soon.


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