Monday, August 28, 2006

Sis back in town

A quick weekend round-up.

My sister is back in Malaysia with her husband. They arrived last Saturday from Melbourne and stayed a night over in the Concorde Inn Sepang, before proceeding to Kota Bahru.

Couldn't take them around KL as planned because of a series of unfortunate events. My wife suddenly came down with fever and our maid left for Indonesia. My in-laws weren't in because they had gone to attend a cousin's wedding reception. So I was alone at home taking care of my daughter Rahil and baby son as well as a sick wife. As Murphy's law states: "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong".

Anyway, it was nice to see both of them again after such a long time. Thanks for the gifts.

Somewhere on the highway, on the way to pick them up from their hotel a small stone hit the windscreen. I was praying: "please don't let the windscreen crack" but to no avail. A few minutes later a thin silver hairline crack appeared from the spot extending down.

Does anyone know of a good place where they can repair hairline windscreen cracks?

I checked on the Internet and found only one Malaysian site. Better than changing the whole windscreen, which would cost me a bomb.

By the second meeting, Rahil warmed up to my sister real quick. However, she was very shy with Fred (my sister’s husband). This was the first time she was up and close with a “Mat salleh” with blond hair.

We were joking that she would get quickly used to white people as there are quite a few of them around in UK too.

Enjoy youself in Redang, guys.

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sweetspirits said...

Well i hope ya luck starts 2 change asap.
I have to say "white ppl " hehe wow i rarely think of myself as white hmm then again pommies are much fairer then aussies hehe.

I'm thinking your daughter not being being used to white ppl .
My neighbours dogs went crazy really crazy the first time they saw Sudanese
neighbours .
The dogs were frecked out , well

Neo said...

How much will the repair cost?

Adam said...

Sweetspirits: It's getting better.

Actually both my sis and her husband are Aussies too now. However, red would be mad if someone called him a Pommie, he's originally from France.

Neo: Caled them up and they said it will cost around RM170 for a 5 inch crack. Every extra inch will cost more.


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