Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lebanon - Scary scenario and some facts

Thought up this really scary scenario:

After several months, the fighting between the Israeli army and the Hizbollah doesn't let up. Even thought they don't want to, the regular Lebanese army joins the fray on the side of the Hizbollah.

US supply of weapons to Israel continues. On the other hand, there is a steady flow of weapons and volunteers from Syria and Iran and some other Arab countries.

Israel attacks Syria accusing them of supplying weapons and supporting the Hizbollah. Iran also joins in. Now the war is on a full swing.

Other Arab countries hang onto the sidelines watching closely while public opinion grows against their Government's inactivity.

The US finally joins in on the side of Israelis. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Egypt who don't realy like the Hizbolllah or the Iranians forced to choose sides - and you can guess which side.

Now it's officially World War 3. Other countries forced to take sides

Finally, nuclear bombs go off in the region and THE WORLD ENDS.

The End

Anyway here are some facts about Lebanon that you might not know:

- Muslims form the majority of the total population (estimated about 60%). The rest are Christian and maybe some Jews.
- It is one of the few democratic countries in the middle east. It held it's first free (from foreign interference) legislative elections in May-June 2005.
- There are approximately 15 million people of Lebanese descent, mainly Christians, spread all over the world. Brazil has the biggest Lebanese community abroad.
(Source: Wikipedia and CIA World Factbook.)

Some interesting Lebanese Blogs:
- UrSalim. Has a lot of links to other lebanese blogs.
- Beirut Live


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