Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Moving abroad

It's only a few more months to go before we pack up and fly to UK.

Leaving the security of a job is really hard, especially when I have settled down and am doing so well. I try to console myself saying ‘this sacrifice is for a better future’.

I was not sure whether my office would give me a farewell party, so I decided to give them one - a simple lunch this Thursday. This is a chance for me to say my byes to all the guys. I realize that even though I complain a lot – I love this place.

Although I have already secured a place to pursue my PhD, I still don’t have the funds to pay for it. My scholarship applications were not successful but I am sending off several job applications. Even though I may not get the jobs but at least they have my name in their database. With my qualifications, I am optimistic that I would be able to secure a job once we get there (based on my friends already there). Till then, I guess I have to depend on my wife and our savings.

More bad news, the University suddenly announced the increase in the annual tuition fees – to UK Pounds 9150 (approx. RM 62,418). My next plan is to study part time and pay by installment.

I am really jealous of one of my friends who also secured a place in the University of Nottingham. The university is giving all successful PhD candidates UK Pounds 3000 as a “settling down” money, when they register. I regret not applying there.

Right now, I am trying to get rid of all the stuff that I have accumulated. I have been able to sell off most of the small items like laser printer and other electronic stuff but I still have one big item to get rid of – my car. So far, I haven’t received any enquiries as yet. We finally got a tenant for our apartment too but have to settle for a paltry sum of Rm650/ p.m.

Next week we are going to apply for our kid’s passports at either Subang or Putrajaya. Then visa applications after that. Promise to keep all of you updated.



5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Good luck and smooth journey! Do take the leap whilst the kids are small 'cos when older like mine, we have to take their feelings into consideration and they are reluctant to be uprooted from their friends here.

Jee said...

All the best Adam.

While study loan might sounds horrifying with their interest.. it's always an option ya know.

ShaolinTiger said...

If you need any info let me know.

suanie said...

good luck mate!

Adam said...

Thanks for your comments guys.

Jee: That's an option I am seriously considering. My dad wants to give me some money but I don't feel like taking it from him. He's already old and he has supported me enough when I was young.

Bee said...

Good luck Adam and InsyaAllah God will provide...

I am kinda envious of people who could drop everything they're used to and leave. It takes gut to be able to do that.

Adam said...

Bee: Thanks. Actually this is not the first time I have done somethinglike this. However, it is different this time because 1. I am no longer that young and 2. I have a family. Hoping that I won't regret this but as they say, life is a gamble and as Muslims we got to do hijrah.

Mama22Beas said...

Good luck Adam, and pray that you will get your financial support from that side.
I was, too 'struggling' to pay off the fees for my Phd as earlier I applied for Masters but later converted to PhD, that took longer time to finish.
Alhamdulillah, and we believe Allah will provide.
Looking forward to more updates, and I didn't know going to UK requires a visa;)

shin said...

All the best to you, Adam! May this new journey in life brings about good luck to you. Do not let the current difficulties deter you from your big dream! Keep pushing on, I am sure you will make it with great success!

All the best!

Lots of cheers,
Shin Yeen

Adam said...

Mama22Beas: Thanks. Now they do if you plan to study. However, not required if you are goign there for a short trip.

Shin: Thanks. I hope so.

BabyPink said...

hi A! goodluck. all the best! i really hope you'll finally get a scholarship grant.:)


lillian said...

moving abroad? oh dear.. its so stressful! Hope you can hang in there and everything goes as smoothy. Are you going alone?

lucia said...

all the best to you, adam! i'm sure you'll get a job easily when you are there.

it's a big leap, huh, to move abroad, living and working there.

Blueheeler - the dog that sniffs out fishy news said...

All the best! Welcome to the world of PhD, fellow candidate! Please blog on...

Hardy said...

It'll all be fine lah! Hijrah for the better is always good. And, please do come and visit Zaza and me here in the lowlands....If you're into cheese, it's here!
Good luck!

neomesuff said...

hi,got yours frm afdlin's..kewl blog. Have a pleasant trip! and all the best in your studies.

Adam said...

Babpink: Have to keep on trying. I am trying to find some form of employment now. Fortunately I am on a dependent pass and allowed to have a job full time.

Lucia: Thanks. Hope so.

Blueheeler: I completed 1 year of it part-time in University Malaya before I decided to continue with my studies in UK. It was tough.

Hardy: We are definitley looking forward to meeting up with you and Zaza (and someone small).

Neomesuff: Welcome to my blog. Thanks.

Adam said...

Neomesuff: You mean THE Afdlin Shauki. I didn't know he knew me or does he? ;-)

J said...

Best of luck in your future life and adventures in the UK!

It sounds very exciting.

sweetspirits said...

Hi Adam
Wow it must be exciting :) .I have never left Oz , as i really don't like flying .
I wanna wish you well , all the best to you and your family.

If things don't seem to be going your way right now , just think about this.

For every 3 steps forward ,one may take two steps back , but in the end it is still one step forward :).

That's my little motto :) it keeps me moving forward.

Once again wishes you all ,the very best tcz

yazid said...

Hey man, congratulation and all the best wishes from me. How hard it will be, do remember the word "ah, ok lah!"


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