Thursday, July 20, 2006

KL to Singapore in 90 minutes

If Tan Sri Francis Yeoh has his way, we will soon be able to reach Singapore from KL in 90 minutes.

Estimated at around RM8 billion, Yeoh's vision is to build a superfast bullet train rail link, which could be an extension of the Sentral-Kuala Lumpur International Airport train service that is currently operated (60-year concessionaire) by Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd (ERL). For your information, YTL Corporation has 50% share in ERL.

If approved, the project will be the largest to be launched on a private finance initiative basis, as encouraged under the Ninth Malaysia Plan.

According to the Tan Sri:
"We can extend the airport line to Singapore. We can also find ways for the rail link to pass through the newly developing southern Johor Corridor enroute to Singapore,"
I just wish there was a bullet train project to connect KL to Alor Star. Then I could stay in KL and travel to work every day. Presently a one way bus trip takes around 6 hours. Last week I took the Durian Burung double decker express bus and they stopped everywhere taking around 8 hours to reach KL. Express my foot.

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spread your smile said...

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if you like the idea, tell your friends too :)

Jee said...

Seems like an ambitious project.. but 8billion.. I wonder how long they will need to get the return.

iqbalKHADAROO said...

Hi D. - Nice to read your interesting posts.

Here in the UK, there are PFI (private finance initiative) contracts in roads, hospitals, schools, prisons etc, introduced under New Public Management reforms to modernise the public sector.

I would be interested to extend my PFI research in the UK to Malaysia - possibly in the roads and rails sector

Anyway, I sympathesise with you working in Kedah and making round trips to see your family in KL. I look forward to chatting with you someday.


Adam said...

spread you smile: Thanks for the invite. Have to search for a nice pic.

Jee: Hope nothing like the ERL prices.

Iqbal: Nice to hear from you again. Just sent a reply to your e-mail.

*eLLe* said...

hi tnx 4 visiting my bog. i'll link u up oki =)

Adam said...

Elle: Thanks. I will add you to my blogroll too.

Deriku said...

if only some miracled occured and they finish it in a month, i might be able to take it to jb for my convo :D

hyelbaine said...

I wonder if we'll have a crooked railway track when we're approaching the shores of Singapore ;)

Cheers!!! :D


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