Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Indian Superhero in Singapore.

Of course we all know that the heros in all Bollywood movies have superpowers.
For example:
- Beating up an army of thugs with bare hands.
- Guns that never run out of bullets.
- Receiving about 100 bullets in the body ... and surviving.
- Sitting down in his office and being teleported to Switzerland. Then breaking into a song and dancing vigorously around trees with the heroine with a bevy of backup dancers appearing mysteriously and changing around 10 different clothes in the blink of an eye, etc.

Krrish, the new Bollywood movie features heart throb Hrithik Roshan as a “superhero with human powers”.

I am not sure what that's supposed to mean?

It is considered unique because it a sequel (a rarity in Bollywood) of the 2003 blockbuster "Koi... Mil Gaya" (I've found someone"), which is considered India's first major Hindi science fiction film.

But what has this movie got to do with Singapore?

Several of the scenes of the movie were shot there with the Singapore authorities arranging for road clearances and parking spaces.

The movie is directed by Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik's father and the synopsis of the movie reads:

Krishna (Hrithik Roshan) is born with magical powers – a legacy from his father Rohit Mehra (also Hrithik Roshan).
Priya (Priyanka Chopra) comes into his life and becomes his world. When she beckons him to Singapore, he follows.
In Singapore, Dr Siddhart Arya (Naseeruddin Shah), the megalomaniac scientist is on the verge of changing the future forever.
Only one man stands between Dr Siddhart Arya and his destructive dreams.
To block his ruthless ambitions…
Krishna must become KRRISH.

Krrish_poster2 Daredevil_poster
Notice any similarities between the two posters?

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manmeet said...

what else can one expect from bollywood with its limited imagination. yes ,bollywood is far far away from reality in many aspects. all they can do is copy hollywood stories or make remakes of old bollywood (devdas,umrao jaan,kal ho na ho...)or regional films.
so much for imagination and originality!

yazid said...

Between 2 posters above I believed both carrying the same ending. But what the Daredevil lacked are, it doesn't have scenes like singing and dancing ramai-ramai, super bass punching and kicking sound effects or pulling the saree around the flower tree, perhaps...

hey good stuffs you got here! I am putting yr bloglink into mine. ahoklah...

Adam said...

Manmeet: I guess that's precisely why people like them - for the fantasy. To move away from reality.

Yazid: Thanks. Putting you on my blogroll too.

terenceg said...

i am a die hard bollywood fan !!!
bring on those dancers ! yooo. kosh kosh meta heyyy

Adam said...

Terence: I think you meant to say "kuch kuch hota hai" ;-) BTW, my wife loved that movie.

Blueheeler - the dog that sniffs out fishy news said...

You asked 'what has the film got to do with S'pore?". Simple: Singapore is eyeing the huge Indian outbound travel market. $$$ is what the film has got to do with SIngapore....

Blueheeler - the dog that sniffs out fishy news said...

I just heard on the BBC that the next Indian Film Festival Awards (ie the Bollywood oscars) will take place in Bradford, England in 2007. "kuch kuch hota hai, hoi hoi hoi ! ! !"


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