Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Creepy crawlies

I don't know why but all short of strange creepy crawlies seem to turn up either in or near my office. It may be due to the fact that our building is very near to a forest.

Among the many strange creatures I encountered near my office.
A beetle

A moth disguised as a leaf.

Yesterday I came across this, not your average, wall lizard. Found it just outside my door and thought that it was dead at first. Prodded it a bit but it still didn't run away even though the limbs moved a bit.

It was almost translucent in colour with pink dots and about about 20 cms (around 8 inches) long.

Can anyone identify the reptile?



madder said...

Erkkkk... I hate lizzards, if one like that hangs around my office I'd resign!

The moth looks super real man, I mean it really looks like a leave... how did you know that it was a moth????

jasonyokie said...

i think the 8 inches thingy is a gecko

Adam said...

Madder: They sometimes give me the shock of my life but it find them interesting. About the moth, I turned it over and examined it.

Jason: Not sure.


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