Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ustaz and the contraceptives

Sometime back my wife's doctor was relating one incident where an irate Ustaz (common term for Muslim religious teacher in Malaysia) came to her office and threatened to beat her up.

What happened was that the Ustaz found contraceptives in his daughter's room and upon intense interrogation, her daughter implicated the doctor.

The Ustaz accused the doctor of spreading loose morals and leading his innocent daughter down the path to hell.

He was shocked when he learnt the truth - the girl had come to the doctor to treat a urinary infection. The doctor revealed that the girl had had an abortion and was still sexually active. She was advised that "no sex" was of course the best option but as the doctor told us, it was not like she was not going to follow the advice. The girl wanted to prevent another "mistake". So that's how the girl ended up with the contraceptive pills.

Hearing the story I was a bit sorry for the Ustaz as a father of a daughter myself.

Just wondering what I would do if I were in his situation.

Oh Yeah! for those close friends of mine who are still wondering ....

That fellow is taking his sweet time. If the situtation remains unchanged, we will be making our decision this saturday.


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