Monday, May 08, 2006

Sultan of Freebies

I realized that I had a lot of freebies lying around my house. By freebies I refer to the promotional stuff, which were thrown in Percuma (for free) when buying other stuff.

Take a look at some:
web camThis webcam came for free along with my subscription to the now defunct Far Eastern Economic Review. Good enough for normal use in the office.

radioFor subscribing to Reader's Digest. Rarely used.

tool boxTool box for buying Petronas Syntium engine lubricant.
Guys love tools.
tool box2Open

sleeping bagBuying Petronas Syntium engine oil another time got me this sleeping bag too. Never been used.

jacketJacket for subscribing to National Geographic. Really warm.
There is another old jacket which I got for subscribing to Time magazine. No picture here.

Mobil belt bagMy latest freebie - Belt bag with bottle and pen knife for buying Mobil engine lubricant.

I also get an umbrella everytime I renew my car insurance. I am not counting the corporate and door gifts including pens, bags, key chains, etc.
I hereby declare myself the Sultan of Freebies and I don't care if you disagree.


cyber-red said...

i was a contest freak. entered, won CDS, perfume hamper stuff, money which was a bit. heh heh..

BabyPink said...

sultan adam! sounds good, doesn't it?:)

those are nice freebies you got.:)

Adam said...

Yeah it does Babypink. It would be better if I were really one. ;-)


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