Monday, May 15, 2006

Going to Ikea for food

I suddenly realised that our daughter now decides many of our joint decisions. Like last Friday we wanted to go and have an early dinner and couldn't decide the venue. So we aked Rahil, our daughter who is now 2 years and 7 months old. She said "Ikea" without any hesitation and Ikea it was. It's quite funny I know. People go to Ikea to buy furniture. We go there for the food.

This morning I was listening to Mix FM and heard this ad about a new Condominium. It was too good to be true but since it is not 1st of April, I guess it is. They were offering a free car to anyone who buys a condo unit and best of all, buyers can move in straight away. I wish I had delayed my decision to buy the Flora Damansara apartment.

Till now we haven't been able to get any tenant for our apartment unit though we have received a lot of enquiries. Most people told us that it was too costly. Others wanted us to install kitchen cabinets, airconditioning and water heater, without increasing the rental. So we are still waiting.

While eating breakfast today morning, we came to the conclusion that maybe we should lower the rental (we are asking for RM900/per month) even though we would be losing money. Right now supply is more than the demand and there are other similar units available for only RM800/month rent. Maybe we made a mistake of partly furnishing our apartment. Till we get someone, it is our weekend home.

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Mama22Beas said...

Going to Ikea for food? Haha...we always do that, the kids just love playing there too. But best time to go is during weekdays.

Zaza said...

wahh, rahil now a decison maker huh? hahaha. ikea's food is, i'd say affordable and fairly good too (the meatballs especially! i miss them... sigh...) it shows that they are clever in targeting not just people to buy their furnitures & accs, but go there for food too!

its all about patience with getting tennants, and in our case, getting a house. it all depends on luck too! you win some, you loose some. we cant have it all kan? rahter than you pay the whole amount to the bank, you guys might as well top up a bit and settle for a lower rent. hardy needs to sell the new townhouse at cyberia too! we know how you feel...


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