Friday, May 19, 2006

Book better than the movie

Watched the so called movie of the year - The Da Vinci Code at GSC in 1 Utama yesterday with my wife. We had bought the tickets one day earlier, so we didn't have to stand in queue with the rest of the crowd on the big day (actually not as many as I had anticipated).

While buying our tickets, the lady at the counter was giving us seats at the second last row. I noticed that there was a row of seats (arranged in pairs) at the back, with heart symbols on them. Yes! I am observant. So I asked what those seats are for. "Oh! Those are for couples", replied the lady.

Oh! I see. Are we not a couple? We are married for Heaven's sake. And I am willing to pay the few ringgits more (RM13 per ticket).

So, we got a pair, right in the middle.

Despite what several critics wrote about the movie being dull and blah blah, I found it exciting. In fact, I enjoyed it. Made me want to fly to Paris and Scotland straightaway.

However, I hated it when they replaced the English subtitles with B. Malaysia / Chinese whenever the characters spoke in French or something else, maybe Latin or Spanish. Annoying.

Of course, the book was much better. I think I would have enjoyed it more, had I not read the book.

And the seats were terrific. Next time, it's these seats or no watching a movie at GSC anymore. Why didn't they have these places when I was still single.



Jee said...

This is the first article that I read saying the movie is exciting.

Well regardless of good or bad, I still want to watch the movie.. well at least I don't have to be curious.

lillian said...

''why didn't they have those places when you were single...''
..... LOL ..... great question !! u r truely a married man !!!!

lucia said...

i heard that tom hanks acting is very stiff. i have not read the book nor have i seen the movie. just not interested. maybe if i can get the VCD i will watch it... purely for entertainment sake of course. it is merely fiction.

btw, in penang our church is organising a talk on 'debunking the code'. it would be interesting to learn how to rebuke the 'lies' in the book/movie... esp. for youngsters.

Mama22Beas said...

Watched it on Friday, and yes I had to buy tickets a day ealier.
And yes, the book is better but I still enjoyed the movie. Been a Hanks fan but in this particular movie, love Ian mckellen more;)...and about the seats, saw it in their website but never in their cinemas!
After that, while having dinner at a restaurant, we were approached by a man selling was the Da Vinci...haha!

Acid said...

hey adam, lama dah gua tak drop in here. what been up dude?

havent got the opprtunity to see da vinci code as yet. funny that i wasnt that excited to go n see the movie after all! but i always love anything that has hanks in it. hopefully this one is a blast!

you are renting 900 buck for ur new apartment eh? well, my friends also lived nearby and they are paying like 750-800. but yours is like partially furnished eh? pricing is not too bad i guess. but as for me, for that kinda rental i would prefer a terrace or something where it is easier for me to carry our stuffs back and forth to my car everytime nak jalan2... and at least i could have my car parked dalam kawasan pagar rumah. can wash it anytime i like. but it depends, really!

Adam said...

Jee: It was not that bad.

Lillian: ;-)

Lucia: That's interesting.

Mama2beas: We were at the GSC in 1 utama.

Acid: That's why I am finding it hard to get tenants for our appt. However, our apt. is a corner unit with a terrific view and is bigger (1080 sq. ft.) than other units (850 sq. ft) on a high floor. We also have a swimming pool whereas other blocks don't.

bee said...

some of my friends told me that the movie was boring.... I guess for some people, it's a bit hard to follow the stroy especially since I they haven't got a clue what it's all about... I think to be able to enjoy the movie one has to read the book first... so that they'll know how brilliant the storyline is.... but on the other hand... maybe I am wrong... I've read the book and I kept complaining how the film could've been better thoughout the movie... plus I was a bit annoyed that I knew all along that sir Teabing is the bad guy... the whole thrill factor thingy is gone...

Woops babbling... sorry.

Anyway... I really like Teabing... Sir Ian McKellen did a great job playing teabing.


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