Thursday, April 06, 2006

Going Organic

While having a tasty (but not very healthy) breakfast of roti canai with suger laden teh tarik, I started thinking about a fast growing trend in Malaysia - that of organic food.

Even my mother-in-law insists on organic food only for her kitchen now.

I guess retailers have noticed the growing demand and some have started stocking their stores with organic food - even though it is now limited to a few selves.

Of course I know that there are some exclusively “organic” stores though I can't think of any right now.

Just this morning I read in the Gristmill about the Berkeley campus in University of California, being the first in the United States to have an officially certified organic salad bar.

“It's really healthy, and I think they're trying to get a lot more local farmers involved, too, which is good,”: Berkeley freshman Ryan Jackson



Jee said...

Well probably it's time for an organic mamak stall..

You know.. organic flour for roti canai, organic tea for teh tarik etc..

z_mnor said...


years ago, I saw a shop in Ampang sells solely organic food. I'm not if it is still there . I like the idea of consuming organic food though.

loong said...

nice blog....havent been to kedah though....

BabyPink said...

this is good news.:)


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