Sunday, April 23, 2006

Blah blah blah

Blogging from the Starbucks outlet in Giant hypermarket in Kelana Jaya. The connection here is really fast. Much better than in the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlet in One Utama. Forget about speed, I couldn't even connect to the web then.

Just came back after having lunch at the Eastin Hotel, Damansara. The buffet was great with lot of choices, the food was delicious and best of all there was a discount for HSBC card users. A long overdue treat for some very special people.

Did anyone catch Majalah 3 on TV3 yesterday night? I found their research on Hang Tuah quite interesting but I must admit that it left with more unanswered questions rather than any findings. It was in Malay but there were English subtitles in the bottom. It was really funny when 'antiks' (meaning antiques) was translated as 'antics'. The guy responsible must be more careful in the future. I kick the butt of guys with a tidak apa attitude.

I am not sure whether I had blogged about it but I got a place in the doctoral (PhD) programme of a reputed UK university. My wife got a place too at the same place. It was surprising because I know of several guys whose applications were rejected. Unfortunately a few days back I received a letter from the University informing that my application for scholarships was not successful. My wife has no problems as she is being sponsored by the government. I guess we can't have it all....

I once wrote a post making fun of house husbands. I may now end up as a house husband myself - looking after the kids, cooking, washing clothes while I wait for my wife to come home. Scary. I GOT to find employment there.



Hardy said...

wey hey hey....we'll see you guys then in sept?

Zaza said...

Its really not bad adam, staying at home doing all the chores. i quite like it! well, its not bad when there isnt any kids :) cooking can be fun when you get rahil to participate with doing the little little things. you'll do great! daycare might cost a bomb tho but i'm sure you'll find something there! see you guys soon! yeyyyy!!!

Jee said...

PhD.. that's cool. Too bad you can't get the scholarship, there must be other way of getting funding, don't give up yet.

lucia said...

oh sorry to hear you didn't get the scholarship but yes as you said, you can't have it all. thank god your wife is on govrenment's sponsor.

hey, being a house husband is not bad lah. it is the new trend now! :)

BabyPink said...

sorry to hear about your not being able to get any scholarship. i'm sure you'll do well, employed or not.:)

good luck, adam!:)


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