Wednesday, April 12, 2006

ah ok lah roasted

ah ok lah! finally got reviewed by MercilessMinx at I talk too much. Actually its more like I got chewed real BAD. Now I am going to dig a deep hole and hide there forever.

MercilessMinx starts with a sarcastic:
Can you see my hands clapping with glee? Oh yes, LAH! I am so excited.
And it goes on and on...
including this...
All photos aside, this is a f****** boring-ass blog.
Of course I asked for it because the guys at are known for their "loving reviews".

It brought me down to Earth, as most of the things they had to say were true.

And as they say, the truth ain’t always pretty.

Read the whole review here.

If you like would a smack review too, just submit your blog there.



lucia said...

how did you let them review your blog? you submitted your blog to them for review?

they touch more about your photos and for that i have no comment... but i wouldn't go so far as to say your blog is f****g boring ass blog. to me it's ok. boleh tahan lah as we said.

Adam said...

I just added my blog to their long list. Some of the things they said were true but I guess I can be consoled by the fact that they dished a lot of other more popular blogs including Xiaxue's.

Anonymous said...

submit your coolest blog here

gazard said...

Well, no blog can please everybody.

Adam said...

Gazard: I agree. As they say, you can never please everybody. Actually just wanted to read their review. They criticise almost everybody.


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