Tuesday, March 21, 2006

World Class Facilities But..

Went to Putrajaya AGAIN and finally settled everything (I hope) and they promised that they will have everything ready by next week. I will write a long post about that in the future or maybe not.

Putrajaya is amazing with magnificent buildings, clean roads, amazing architecture and modern facilities. A truly well planned and modern city.

Of late there has been a lot of talk about how dirty and poorly maintained public toilets were giving Malaysia a bad name and what the government was doing about it. I am sure you know where I am going, by now.

The Government doesn't have to look far. I had the opportunity to visit a few toilets in the 'Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia' (Immigration Dept.) yesterday and they were filthy. There was no soap, no tissue, broken fittings everywhere and the stench was horrible. Cigarette butts everywhere.

And I simply can't understand why people don't flush after they have done the job. What's so hard pushing a small knob? And why do people leave the water hose in the "shit hole" after they have done their job? Ughhhhhhhhhhh!

Someone commented that it might have something to do with the large number of "low class" people from a neighboring country in that particular building. This may be true but what are the people who are supposed to take care of the toilets doing? The authorities must realise what impression the facilities are making on visitors from other countries who come to renew their visa, to apply for an employment pass and so on.

Another visit to the "Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara" revealed similar conditions.

It was much better in the Ministry of Home Affairs HQ. Maybe because they don't have that many visitors. No, I am not a toilet inspector. It is just that I spent almost the whole day running from one office to another and I drank a lot of liquids. And when a guy has to go, he has to go.

The thought that always come to mind is what one leader said about "World class facilities but Third class mentality".

Anyway, this is the 13th entry for the 30 Days of Photos Challenge.

Magnificent buildings.

That's a bridge.



Lord Vendetta said...

check out this public toilet (provided by a petrol station in Bandar Utama) :


Lucia Lai said...

yep, dirty public toilet is the most common complain. our people just don't have the civic consciousness to see that public toilets are clean. it's like they have the mentality of "the toilet is not mine, so who cares about keeping it clean." how sad. :(

*lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

ugh, just today at the Tapah R&R, was greeted by yellow water AND a floater in the toilet... bleah!! dont' understand why people can't bother to flush!!!

Maybe in this case, the toilets are quite new and the facilities relatively well-maintained, "people" figure the cleaners will be there to clean-up after them?

And, if the facilities are crappy (forgive the pun), their excuse would then be "it's so dirty, why should I bother to be clean?"

kinda like giving the excuse of "if I don't then the DBKL street sweepers will be out of a job!" when justifying littering...

sheeeeesh :-(

BabyPink said...

yes, that's also something that i could never get, people who do not flush after using the toilet! it's doubly horrible at ladies' rooms because ladies are supposed to like their places clean, right? tsk, tsk, tsk!

Jacky said...

Indeed sad on public toilets' condition in M'sia.

Anyway, the Putrajaya photos are great. If you took them in the night, with the lightings on, they look even better.

Lrong said...

I wonder if there is any entry on the Bolehland Record Book on the smelliest and most disgusting loo in the land? No?

fishtail said...

No lah, let's not blame 'foreigners' in the area. We in Bolehland just don't have the culture to maintain expensive things that we spend millions to build.

gazard said...

If we men can't "stand" it. Ladies... (sweating)

Upreshpal said...

in my university the toilets were horrible, truly. so if even graduates dont have the wits to keep toilets clean....ermm nuff said i guess

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