Monday, March 27, 2006

Photographer's Block

I had heard of writer's block before but I guess there is such a thing as photographer's block. When you start taking picture of clouds, it means that you have reached the point of "No Creativity".

When I initially joined the 30 Days of Photos Challenge I was confident that I would be able to come up with great creative pictures everyday. However, as the days passed, I realized how difficult the task was. Some of the challenges:
- Forget to bring my camera along.
- Forgot the cable (can’t upload pictures to my computer)
- Too busy with my work,
- No access to the Internet & finally
- Photographer’s block (nothing interesting to shoot).

Some of my close friends commented that the older pictures (before I had joined the challenge) were more creative. What does that say about me working under pressure?

Well! I am not giving up and still trying to come up with interesting and creative pictures.

This is the #20 Photo entry. 10 more to go. Am I crazy or do you see a man with whiskers in the clouds.



5xmom said...

I know what you mean. When the pressure is there to produce, I tend to get block too. I joined the one photo a day for a week (must be taken on the same day) and it was already hard. Go, go, go! You are almost there!

Lucia Lai said...

photographer's block? haha. ada juga i guess.

don't worry, you will persevere (spelling?) i'm sure. carry on!

re: the clouds. well if one is imaginative, one can see anything one wants to. remember the thick smoke from the burning WTC building in US where terrorists bombed? some people imagine the face of satan in the smoke!

afiq said...

cannot see lah the man with whiskers. Well you 'innovate' visual interpertation so ppl with direct understanding of a man with whiskers cannot nampak.. where is it? somewhere in the middle ka?

Kris said...

indeed, not easy task ! i feel the same ,too ..somehow i cant produce good photo under such conditions. just relax, no worry, you'll make it :)

gazard said...

Taking picture of cloud is not photographer block, I think it is quite creative too. Keep it up man!


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